Looking for passionate  individuals who have a love and care for health and science? If you love working with children creating a fun environment with a hands-on approach , we may have the perfect opportunity for you. We offer many available options for volunteers and paid positions.

Is Medical Me the right fit for you?  Whether you are an intern looking credited hours, a person looking for part-time work or if  you are simply trying to build your resume, Medical Me is the way to go! 

We are looking for individuals who posses great character and motivational talents.  Must be able to instruct students through hands on demonstrations, teaching students how the body work and what Doctors do to help those in need. 

Doctors are welcomed, students that are in a medical study are welcomed,  If you are great with children you are welcomed and we also welcome those who don't have a medical field background but have a passionate interest with teaching children.  Contact us today! 

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