Enjoy unparalleled opportunities to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of veterinary medicine! Begin by adopting a stuffed puppy, that you will take home. Learn how to examine dogs of different breeds and assess their health, how to treat common illnesses, and give them shots. Learn how to prepare for common dangers that a pet dog may endure. 

animal doctor

Veterinarian Medicine

Come role play, work with models, develop skills, draw, think critically and creatively, and most importantly, learn about being a doctor. Become engaged and discover how to use common doctor’s tools, learn how the brain, heart, lungs, and other organs work. Not only will you practice using doctor tools, you will be able to take some of them home with you!


Family Medicine

Sports offer so much more than a fun way to play outside. At Medical Me sports are a gateway to learning how to treat sport injuries all while playing sports. In this course, we use interactive tools and activities to teach students the basics of the popular medical field. Come learn about how to treat a sprained ankle, a broken bone or a torn ACL. You will learn how to perform different types of surgeries.

Sports Medicine

Be the Doctor and athlete

Let’s explore the sea, at the end of this class each student will receive a fish to take home with a fish bowl included. Not only will you learn how to feed fish, you will also learn how their digestive system works. We may dissect a fish and discuss parts of the fish anatomy. Learn all about how to give medicine to Big fish such as a shark and even small fish like a porgy. Hours of interactive instructions will teach you what fish need to survive in a fish tank and in the ocean. Enhancing Critical thinking through role play.

Fish veterinarian

Marine biology

A Dentist office is more fun when you are the Dentist. This is the place where you can role play as a Dentist. Learn what an Orthodontist is and how braces are applied. At the end of this class each student will have their own teeth model along with items that a dentist use and recommend.

Dental care



Teens will have a wonderful opportunity to learn the strategies from medical professionals who own their own practices. This curriculum has been created by trusted Doctors, Orthodontist, Veterinarians and Nurses. Each participant will create a business plan in the medical world and put it to the test. While role-playing as a Doctor, Dentist or Veterinarian doing hands-on techniques, teens will also have to manage the business acting as an "OWNER" of that business. At the end of the 8-week course each business will be evaluated. 

Starting your own practice

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